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Looking for an exciting career in aviation?

There's never been a better time to become a professional pilot! Industry experts predict the demand for new pilots is going to increase tremendously over the next several years. Now is the time to seize the career you've always wanted!


A-Cent Aviation's Professional Pilot Path will help you get there!

Private pilot

Start with Private Pilot


With A-Cent Aviation's part 141 private pilot training program, students can earn a private pilot certificate in as little as 35* hours. 


Needing a bit more flexibility in flight training? Our part 61 training program can get you your private pilot certificate in as little as 40* hours.


Whatever path you choose, A-Cent's instructors are here to help you reach your goals. And with flexible payment options like pay-as-you-go, block rates, and our phase programs, students have total control of their training dollars.


FOR as low as $7,600

Instrument ratinG

Take the next step beyond your private pilot certification and achieve your instrument rating! Having this rating allows you to fly more often, and in more challenging weather conditions...and will build your skillset and confidence as pilot in command!


FOR as low as $6,500

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Aircraft Maintenance

commercial certificate

Love flying? Why not make money doing what you love? A commercial pilot certificate can unlock new economic opportunities for the training is awesome fun! Many pilots have said they really learned how to fly an airplane while training for their commercial certificate.


FOR as low as $18,850

Initial cfI

Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor will allow you to teach other people how to fly. As a CFI, you will be challenged to bring your A-game daily in order to teach your students well. Instructing others to earn their wings is very rewarding you get paid to fly!


FOR as low as $4,400

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Flight Planning on Airways with some old

instrument cfi-i add on

By achieving the Instrument Add-On for your Certified Flight Instructor certificate, you'll be able to train other pilots in their pursuit of an instrument rating. If you're already a CFI with an instrument rating, why not open new opportunities for professional development by helping fellow pilots expand their certification?


FOR as low as $3,225


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