Aircraft Fleet

(Wet) All prices include oil and fuel.


Aircraft Available


This sporty and fun Cessna 150H Commuter is a stable, reliable training platform for the cost-conscious pilot.


$125 hr

Save $5 per hour with our Block Option.


The sturdy PA-28 140 has been upgraded with a 160HP engine and has excellent short field and climb performance.

Cherokee 140

$145 hr

Save $5 per hour with our Block Option.

Blue one.png

This Cherokee Six is a powerful platform for earning your high-performance endorsement or even going to the Bahamas.

Piper Cherokee six

$200 hr

Save $5 per hour with our Block Option.

This light sport Cessna 162 Skycatcher is an A-Cent favorite. This light weight airplane leaps into the sky!

cessna 162

$125 hr

Save $5 per hour with our Block Option.


Recently upgraded with a new radio and avionics, this IFR-equipped Skyhawk is great for training or pleasure flying.

Cessna 172N

$165 hr

Save $5 per hour with our Block Option.


The twin engine Seneca II is a superb aircraft for multi engine training or extended cross country flights.

Piper Seneca II

$325 hr

Save $10 per hour with our Block Option.


This sturdy 172 is the choice of many first-time flyers. Its excellent handling docile nature will increase pilot confidence.

Cessna 172F

$140 hr

Save $5 per hour with our Block Option.


IFR-equipped, this complex aircraft is perfect for earning your complex endorsement or just going for that $100 burger.

Piper Arrow IV

$175 hr

Save $5 per hour with our Block Option.

Aircraft Rental Information


Renter Checkout & Currency

In order to rent aircraft from A-Cent Aviation, all you have to do is a checkout flight with one of our instructors. These checkout flights usually last approximately 1 hour, but times may vary based on the proficiency of the renter. 


The Piper Cherokee Six, Piper Seneca, and Piper Arrow IV require more time due to their unique flight characteristics. While we try to keep costs low, our first priority is to ensure every renter can safely and proficiently operate our aircraft.

Every renter is required to undergo a currency checkout flight every 90 days.

How we charge for flight time

We charge by Hobbs time, which is great for pilots who go on a day trip. We don't charge for the time the aircraft is parked on the ground.  We will work with pilots on overnight trips as well.  


You will never pay more than a minimum of 3.5 hours (6 Hours for High Demand Training Aircraft) per 24 hour period. 

We require aircraft renters insurance

Before pilots can rent an A-Cent Aviation aircraft, they will be required to show proof of renter's insurance coverage. This coverage can be obtained through the following recommended providers: