Tour Selections

Sight Seeing Flights: Come discover Jacksonville, FL from the sky. If you are local or on vacation and looking for something really fun to do, this will be a great story to tell your friends.

Land Surveying Photo Flights: This is excellent for anyone who wants to get a great photo of their home, land or business.

Real Estate Photo Flights: If you are local or looking to relocate to beautiful Jacksonville, FL take advantage of this opportunity. You can scope out exactly where you will be living and this will help you get a birds eye view of the great community's Jacksonville has to offer. This will make your home buying experience a memorable one.

Cross Country Tour Flights: If‎ you are the adventurist type then you need to take one of our excellent Cross Country Tour Flights. Just let us know where you would like to go, weather its Atlanta, GA or Key West, FL we can make it happen. You will learn cross country preparation, aviation navigation, radio communications and you will learn how to take off and land an aircraft. This will surely feed your need for adventure.

Touch n Go's at JAX International: Fly the pattern at Jacksonville International Airport and experience landing with commercial airliners.

JAX Golf Course Tour: Get a great view of the golf courses that Jacksonville has to offer from the air. See your favorite course from the sky.

Call for pricing. Pricing dependent on flight time and customers destination. Book your flight 1-2 weeks in advance to ensure confirmed slot. Payment to be made when reservation is booked. Pilot gratuity not included.

Romance & Sightseeing Flights

JAX Nights Romance Sunset Tour with Champagne

The right lighting can set the mood, whether it’s the twinkle of fireflies, a full moon in a starry sky, or a glowing lava flow oozing through a downtown thoroughfare. Heat up the night skies with this great deal. The Romantic Sightseeing Flight departs approximately 30 minutes prior to sunset, circling over beautiful Downtown Jacksonville and JAX Beach before landing 30 minutes after sunset. Flights give couples a private and picturesque way to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and proposals as does a complimentary bottle of champagne. Witness the sun set over the Florida's awesome Downtown Jacksonville from a bird’s-eye view while sipping champagne.

A-Cent Aviation Flight School operates Jacksonville Flight seeing, which whisks passengers aloft for tours including The Grand Jacksonville Tour, which flies high over JAX Beaches and Downtown Saint Augustine, and The Jacksonville Sunset Tour, which reveals beautiful views of the sun as it sets over Northern Florida.

A-Cent Aviation Flight School’s trusty fleet of aircraft provides students with a way to get hands-on experience to earn their private-pilot certification or instrument ratings. Based out of Herlong General Aviation Airport, the FAA-approved professional flight school employs a staff of certified flight instructors who coach aspiring aviators along the way and give pep talks to airplanes prior to liftoff.


CATS & COMIRA TESTING: 904-207-6502

Herlong Airport 

​First Coast Flight Center

9300 Normandy Blvd. Suite 503

Jacksonville, FL 32221