So, you have the dream to fly...A-cent Aviation can make your dream a reality and give it wings. We share your passion for flight here at A-cent Aviation, it is much more than a business to us, it is also our great passion. Our instructors have logged thousands of hours providing flying lessons for young pilots, and live by two basic rules: First is safety, second is fun. It doesn't matter whether you are a licensed private pilot looking to log some hours and increase your rating, or you are just getting your aviation career off the ground, we are here to make your dreams a reality.


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A-Cent Aviation ​offers affordable professional maintained aircraft for flight instruction and rental. We provide flight training in a safe and effective learning environment, while adhering to federal and state aviation regulations. We offer has a number of customized plans designed to make it happen.

  • Discovery Flights
  • Sport Pilot Certificate
  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • Instrument Pilot Certificate
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Biannual Flight Review
  • JAX Nights Romance Sightseeing Tours
  • Cross-country tours to South Florida and into Georgia
  • Real estate photo flights 
  • ​Land Survey photo flights
  • The Mile High Club  experience
  • Bi-annual CFI, CFII, MEI renewals
  • CATS Testing
  • ​​Comira Testing








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Herlong Recreational Airport

9300 Normandy Blvd.  #501

Jacksonville, Fl 32221


CATS & COMIRA TESTING: 904-207-6502

Herlong Airport 

9300 Normandy Blvd. Suite 503

Jacksonville, FL 32221

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